New Hampshire Ranked #1 in the Nation!!!

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Politico Magazine published their annual ranking of the states, and named New Hampshire as the #1 state in the nation.

New Hampshire scored well across a number of various metrics used to determine the rankings. In particular, New Hampshire ranked #2 for unemployment at 2.6%, behind Hawaii at 2.0%. The Granite State also scored #1 on the % of the population living below the poverty level, #1 on infant mortality, #4 on % of the population with a high school degree, #6 on home ownership, and #7 on per capita income. In addition to New Hampshire scoring well on the rankings, other northern New England states ranked highly as well with Vermont coming in at #3, Massachusetts at #6, and Maine at #9.

Interestingly, New Hampshire has been able to achieve this ranking with a 0% state income tax rate, no sales tax, and no capital gains tax. With no state income tax, New Hampshire is at somewhat of a disadvantage when it comes to the state budget, as the state is ranked 48th in the size of its budget relative to other states. Moreover, the Granite State is ranked 44th on a budget per capital, significantly behind its higher-taxing New England neighbors. This budget disadvantage is why we created the non-partisan, non-political NH advocacy group, "603 and Me". You can learn more about 603 and Me by visiting the organization's website at

With low taxes, low unemployment, a highly educated population, and access to great healthcare, New Hampshire is clearly a favorable choice for businesses looking to establish or relocate their base of operations. However, we need to get the word out, so the nation and its employers understand this, and take a greater interest in New Hampshire. The 603 and Me organization has been created to foster this effort.

To see the full Politico article and rankings, you can check out their site at:

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