New Hampshire – America’s Best-Kept Secret

The 603 Movement: The State of New Hampshire doesn't get the credit it deserves for being a great place to live and work.  It has a good reputation as being a recreational destination, and that is a wonderful thing.  But, if we are going to improve the State's economy, and increase the number of well-paying, career-oriented jobs in the State, we have to attract more than just leaf-peepers and trail-walkers--we need to attract more quality new businesses.

To date, the State hasn't focused much on the image or branding of the State, and with such, New Hampshire lacks a well-established reputation of being a desirable place in which to live and work.  The residents of New Hampshire know what the State has to offer, but those outside our state's borders have less understanding of the merits of the Granite State.  We (and I do mean you and I) need to recognize that others view New Hampshire as a nice place to visit, but that it is not high on their list as an attractive place to live.  

The goal of the “603 and Me” movement is to change this perception, to dispel any misperception, and to let others outside of our state recognize that New Hampshire is more than just great scenery and a vacation destination; it is a terrific place to enjoy life throughout one’s career, and into retirement.

Importantly, 603 and Me is not affiliated or associated with any political group or organization, or is it created to earn a profit.  It is a stand-alone entity with only New Hampshire and its residents in mind, and does not have any specific cause for which it promotes or condemns.  We aim to be completely unconflicted, without bias (except for extolling the virtues of New Hampshire), and there is no other cause or purpose for which we serve.

Equally important, we recognize that there are already great institutions and organizations within the state (public and private) that share similar goals.  StayWorkPlay, the BIA, the Division of Economic Development, the Division of Travel and Tourism, and many others, all have New Hampshire’s interests at heart.  Our goal is to complement and coordinate the efforts of these groups; to be the hub of New Hampshire advocacy, and to work as a united front, coalescing and supporting the ideas and initiatives of these advocacy groups.  We aim to harness all of the resources within our state, both public and private, and communicate this message broadly to both businesses and families.  Working together for a common cause, we will achieve much more than what each would acting independent of one another.