New Hampshire – America’s Best-Kept Secret

Our Purpose: While we don’t expect that the winter Olympics will be coming to North Conway anytime soon, or do we think the summer Olympics will be held in Concord, we should stand a reasonable chance of attracting some of the bigger employers who are considering appropriate locales for their new ventures. Our organization’s focus, however, will not be on the Olympics, or necessarily just on larger firms. Instead, our focus will be on grass-roots efforts of conveying to business owners, their employees, and the families that go with them, that New Hampshire is the place to be—a great place to work, to live, and to have fun, and ultimately to retire. Think of us as a volunteer army that is a cross between a state-oriented PR agency, the Chamber of Commerce, and Welcome Wagon.

As a member of 603 and Me, we will ask you to join a movement. A movement that is not protesting that which is deemed to be controversial or bad, but instead highlighting all that is good within the Granite State. While this group will have no political or religious affiliations, it’s easiest to describe the role of members as being disciples spreading the New Hampshire gospel.  We will ask members to assist us on outreach projects, whether it be through online social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), the creation of marketing materials (both online and print), participation in promotional events and activities, and all the work that goes into the creation and execution of all.  We might even ask you to be a representative of the state (from the private sector), speaking with families or businesses that are considering moving to our state. The possibilities are limitless. Perhaps we send welcome letters (or packages) to every family that moves here. Perhaps we attend business conferences and send delegates to represent the State, or even speak at these conferences. Perhaps we create a directory of service providers in the state for which residents recommend. The ultimate goal, is to put the right people on the right projects, so that we can maximize the value of everyone’s talents. Some may choose to contribute their time, energy and skills, whereas others may be time-constrained, and choose to simply, but importantly help out financially—others still, may do both, and we certainly welcome such.