New Hampshire – America’s Best-Kept Secret

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the 603 and Me movement?

For individuals, it will be an opportunity to be part of a civic initiative, joining like-minded neighbors in promoting that which they value and enjoy.  Or to just follow along with the progress of 603 and Me. For businesses, it is an opportunity to bring additional commerce to our state, to help recruit the talent your business needs, and to make the state a more attractive place to work and live for your employee base.  For all, it will be an opportunity to show others that you and/or your firm are dedicated to keeping New Hampshire the #1 ranked state in the nation.

Who owns, or what is behind the 603 and Me organization?

The 603 and Me organization is owned by 603 and Me, LLC, a sole-member LLC.  The owner of the LLC, and 603 and Me founder, is Scott Baker, a resident of North Hampton.  He and his family are supporting this cause because it is something that they believe in, and want to give back to the community in which they reside. There is no other group, organization, political party, PAC, candidate or any other partisan group behind 603 and Me—it is 100% independent from all causes, other than promoting the State of New Hampshire.

Is 603 and Me a non-profit organization?

Technically no. The 603 and Me organization is not a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

Why is 603 and Me not a 501(c)(3)? 

It comes down to cost, bandwidth and reporting requirements.  At this stage of our evolution, the additional costs and reporting requirements of a 501(c)(3) are meaningful, and we don’t have the bandwidth to keep up with such.  

Is 603 and Me going to address problems or issues that reside within the state?

No, this is not our mission.  However, in order to promote our state, we need to be aware of those areas where the state could improve.  We will not turn a blind eye to the issues facing the state, and we will embrace change that makes our state more attractive for businesses and families, but it is not our focus to enter the debate on what could be, or should be, with respect to legislation or initiatives at the state level.  Through our work, the areas of need within the state will become more evident, as we receive feedback from others, and with such, we will convey this feedback to the appropriate parties within the state.

Will 603 and Me sell my personal information to others?

No. Your personal information will not be sold to marketers, advertisers, or anyone else, or used for any political purposes or candidates.