Participation Levels:

Membership status is good for a 12-month period, starting at the time of enrollment.

Individual Membership

Delegate: $25
Diplomat: $100
Envoy: $250
Ambassador: $1,000

Business Membership

Delegate: $250
Diplomat: $1,000
Envoy: $2,500
Ambassador: $10,000

Joining the Movement:  At this time, the 603 and Me organization has no employees; it has only volunteers like you—people who care about this state, and want to see it prosper broadly.  In the course of time, we wish to learn from you how you would like to be involved and help out with this “movement”.  Since we are just getting off the ground, we don’t yet have specific activities planned, or a large infrastructure in place—not yet, anyway.  However, that will change, as we get the movement underway.  The more help we get from you collectively, the more we’ll be able to accomplish—one step at a time. 

Contributing to the 603 Movement:  If you wish to become a donating member (or just a non-contributing follower), just fill out the required information, and if you wish, fill in the optional information about yourself. We ask this information just to determine how you can be potentially helpful to our movement, and to see how you’d like to assist. We would like to give recognition to our financially-supporting members on this site and elsewhere, but you or your entity can remain anonymous if you wish.

To be a member of the 603 and Me organization, we request an annual contribution to sustain our mission. The full 100% of contributions will be used to support the movement, and no salaries will be taken, or profits made. All contributions will be put towards the effort, and nowhere else. We’re a thrifty New Hampshire organization, so having a yankee frugality is inherent within us, and we will make certain that we achieve a significant return on your investment. 

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